Blake Lively in Isabel Marant Blue Jeans

Blake Lively is definitely one of my favourite style icons! She was attending the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas a couple of days ago. Blake chose to go really bright with her jeans! She wore the Isabel Marant Fall 2010 blue sequin skinny jeans which she paired with her favourite brand of shoes, Christian Louboutin.

At first I thought these jeans were the Siwy Hannah skinny jeans with the blue sequins, but they are not, they are definitely the Isabel Marant pair. I think they are really interesting! I don’t know if I myself could pull off an electric blue pair of jeans but Blake certainly does! She looks fantastic! I think sequin jeans are starting to get pretty popular now too, I keep seeing them everywhere. Will you be rocking this trend?


  1. I feel like something as loud as sequin pants are really only acceptable when worn by celebrities (of course I’m in no way trying to discourage anyone from buying into said trend). I don’t know why it’s more accepted on them, but that’s just how I see it. But in all honesty this outfit makes me want to get a pair.

  2. Wow, 30 pages behind? Well done for catching up lol! And yeah, I often feel like a lot more clothes are acceptable on celebs, I mean look at Lady Gaga, she’s a great example, if people actually went out dressed like that in the street, you would be laughed at and thought insane but because it’s Gaga, it’s accepted.

  3. I love these jeans, and Blake can truly almost get away with anything. But I feel like these aren’t the right shoes for the outfit 🙁

  4. I own these and they are leggings not jeans. I bought them from Net-a-porter. There is no denim in them.