Zac Efron in Balmain Homme

The rain here is crazy, I don’t know how he is without a jacket. But then again I’m still running around in sandals like it is dry outside. I guess my mind is still stuck in the that no-rain mindset. Zac Efron was spotted getting a bite to eat at Subway in Studio City, California. He was wearing his Balmain khaki trousers again paired with a denim shirt. I love seeing celebrities, or people in general, just wear their clothes for any situation, no matter how expensive the item is. I mean it is there to cover you.

Zac has really gotten the bad end of the stick for his recent break-up with Vanessa Hudgens. Many fans are leaning to towards Vanessa after a story came out that he has recently gotten close to one of his co-stars. I don’t think there is any negative blood with the break-up. I do think they just grew apart. They have been together for a while. Maybe they just needed a break. What do you readers think of the break-up?


  1. When I heard about it I was really upset for both of them to be honest, they have been together like 4 years. I think all the filming movies in different countries didn’t help because they spent a lot of time apart and that never helps relationships. I don’t think either of them would have cheated, the times just changed and they grew apart. They both seem fine about it though 🙂

  2. Zac and Vanessa are not broken up. Zac did not have anything romantic going on with his co-star. Zac and Vanessa saw each other the day he got home from filming his movie. The same day he was paped at Subway, which by the way, the purchase he made, was for two 😉

  3. They are Renee, it’s been confirmed by everyone, their publicist as well. Not because of someone else but they grew apart, Vanessa even said about the break up. They are definitely not together anymore.

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