Victoria Justice in Rockstar

Gah!!! Little Ms. Nickelodeon soon to be A-list celebrity, Victoria Justice was wearing the Rockstar jeans that I am desperate for on her Freak the Freak Out episode of VicTORIous. Has anyone seen these jeans around? I want these blue tie dye ones sooooooo bad!!!

My kids and I watched this episode when it aired for the first time on Nick. My kids adore the show and I have to admit it’s one of those kid shows that I really don’t mind watching myself. There is usually plenty of premium denim on the show too, I’ve seen Victoria wear Current/Elliott studded skinnies and spotted a pair of acid washed William Rast on the actress that plays Jade.


  1. I have these jeans in the light grey wash. They are amazing. Sooo comfortable and they look so good on :)))

  2. To: Tatiana & Dee.
    Where did u find the jeans?????
    I would like to get those for my sister if they are not too expensive!
    If u found them on kitson, where did you find them on the website??
    This would help me alot on my Christmas shopping!

  3. I am a rep for a new denim company and we have RockStar jeans in our inventories. Let me know if I can help =)