Mary-Kate Olsen in Earnest Sewn

Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted getting her nails done in West Hollywood, California. They must be in town for the holidays, so this is for sure a rare sighting. Mary-Kate chose to wear one of her many custom-tailored pairs of Earnest Sewn. This time she opted for a charcoal washed pair. I am always fond of she and her sister’s California style. They seem more laid-back, relaxed and tend to wear more fitted clothing here.

I read something a few years back that of course she and Ashley share clothes, but one or the other usually buys a specific thing. Like Mary-Kate would lean over to purchasing denim more than Ashley, then Ashley would just take them. So I wonder if they grew out of that and just got multiple pairs so they can each have a pair? You can click here to purchase Earnest Sewn jeans at RevolveClothing.