Justin Bieber in G Star Shirt

Justin Bieber posed for photos with his new book ‘First Step 2 Forever’ at Barnes & Noble in New York City a few days ago. I am beginning to wonder if Justin is sponsored by G Star because we always seem to see him in the brand, he doesn’t really wear anything else. This time he was wearing one of their short sleeve denim shirts with dark jeans.

Have any of you younger readers/Justin fans bought his book or do you intend to? I personally think 16 is a little young to be writing an autobiography but maybe a lot has happened in his life and I know his girl fans would definitely want to know as much about him as possible. I saw him accepting his last award at the AMA’s 2010 and he invited Usher on the stage to share it with him, I thought that was very kind of him.

Images courtesy of Wenn.com

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  1. I truly enjoy justin bieber What is incredible in regards to this guy, is the reality that he was spotted online. An individual really contacted him as opposed to them just attempting to make some thing out of nothing like with many of the boy bands and idols around. What i also love, is that he has his own style and im old school and i think there is some thing nice about this guy. You’ll be able to just tell he loves music, he loves performing what he does and most of all he appears pretty joyful and typical.