Jennifer Garner in J Brand

Jennifer Garner wore a pair of J Brand “Bailey” boot leg jeans in Phoebe while taking her daughters to a Farmer’s Market. I normally like vintage or somewhat geeky looking glasses on most celebs, but I think that Jennifer’s frames are a just a tad bit too thick. I also normally like J Brand jeans but these seem to be a bit slouchy in the crotch area for Jennifer when they aren’t supposed to have that slouchy fit. Maybe I’m just being too picky! Ha! Overall I think she looks cute, but when I look at the details I guess that is what I see…

I was curious about the rise, but it just says “perfect rise” on the J Brand website for these. I’m guessing they are mid-rise and they slouched down on Jennifer. I have a few pairs of mid-rise jeans that seem to do this to me too. I’m kind of an all or nothing girl, I need either a really high rise or a really low rise, if it hits my middle it seems to want to either slide down and give me slouchy crotch or I’ll have to pull them up really high to keep them up…I do like the wash though and they sure look nice on the J Brand model. You can buy these jeans here at J Brand for $189.


  1. She has no style. Why do you keep on publishing her picture? Always wearing bright sneakers with jeans that fit her terribly!

  2. This pic does nothing for Jennifer or J Brand…VERY unflattering to both! Anyone can have a “bad Pic” day but this? J Brand should ask for the jeans back…

  3. thank you Lorna. Jennifer may have other priorities (besides looking photo ready). I just love how she represents normal people. Sometimes you look better than others.

  4. I meant no disrespect to Miss Garner, J Brand or Lorna’s decision to publish the pic.
    Simply put, the PHOTO is unflattering. I have a file full of unflattering photos: any pic with ME in it, so I fully understand how, at times, the camera doesn’t show the real story.
    I apologize if anyone was offended by my previous comment.

  5. My comment was in reference to Shelley 🙂 I’m not offended at all, I know everyone has opinions, that’s what makes fashion so different. I do agree these are not the most flattering photos but I don’t think Jen actually cares, most of the photos she isn’t dressed up or looking her best but she’s a full time and hands on mum so she just doesn’t bother, I don’t actually think fashion interests her 🙂 I think she has beautiful features though and a nice figure.

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