Diesel’s Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

Cynthia Wang got to attend the Diesel Pre-Spring 2011, Spring/Summer 2011 blogger preview event in NYC for us at DenimBlog. The event was on November 17th at Diesel’s showroom.

The new styles focus on “the powder of diesel” which is an array of pastel washes on white denim, lots of classic rips and tears that is usually the Diesel trademark in jeans, plenty of stretch jeans instead of 100% cotton, denim jumpers and shorts and lots of paint splatter/oil stained/messy jeans which is another classic from Diesel.

One of the focal jeans that caught the eye of Cynthia and I was a pair of white jeans (which looks to be a Clush or Clushy cut from the photos) with the splatters and rips. There are many amazing washes and garments in this Spring 2011 collection and we are happy to share it with you! Diesel is one of the leading denim brands on the market and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like the brand! Enjoy the photos!

Images courtesy of Cynthia Wang (www.wangmedia.com)


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