DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With G-Star’s Men’s Designer, Remco

We recently caught up with the men’s designer for G-Star, Remco de Nijs. He spoke to us about the best sellers, the different fits the brand has to offer, the inspirations behind the designs and more. Please click this post to read the whole interview and see the different images of jeans from G-Star.

DB: What is it that makes G-Star so unique in comparison to other brands?

We see ourselves as product developers, or product engineers, rather than fashion designers as craftsmanship is prioritized above trend. At G-Star, we are driven by our passion for denim — the richest and truest raw material to work with, authentic in every stage of its lifecycle.

Our denim craftsmanship and strive for innovation are most recognizable in the development of 3D construction techniques. In 1996, we created our first 3D denim: the G-Star Elwood, designed by Pierre Morisset based off the pant of a passing motorcyclist. The latest step in the evolution of 3D denim design comes with the Arc Pant: a highly architectural cut that features a low-crotch and straight-hip with an asymmetric leg that ÔÇÿturns’ around the human legs, thanks to twisted seams/inseams. The G-Star Elwood and Arc Pant are major inspirations for our collection.

DB: How do you come up with inspiration for your fits?

We have always been inspired by our large archive that consists of military, functional uniforms, and workwear. We use these styles, materials, colors, buttons and stitchings as inspiration for new collections and fits. Much inspiration comes from the outside world as well — we are inspired by everything that happens around us, not just by what’s trendy on the catwalk. In terms of fits, 3D denim design is the main inspiration; we always look for new ways to construct a shape that follows the human body. In the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, this leads to 3D molding techniques that use innovative treatments and heat.

DB: G-Star is known for having different fits in the denim world, could you tell us about the different fits you offer for men?
We have fits for every body shape and every occasion. For both men and women, we offer five different fits: Slim, Loose, Boot, Straight and Tapered, and every fit is offered in several washes and colors (which you can see by clicking here).

DB: What inspires you when creating the washes?

As we constantly look for innovation, our washes are also inspired by 3D design. With washes, you can create a 3D effect by incorporating abrasions and ageing effects that add depth and complexity to the finished product — creating multiple blue tones resulting in a 3D look.

DB: What are the main points you keep in mind when creating a new G-Star jean?

All G-Star collections start with the same principle, in which product functionality, craftsmanship and authenticity are top priorities. This way we make sure all collections are connected to the G-Star DNA.

DB: A lot of celebrities have been caught wearing G-Star, do you have a favorite in the brand?

We are very honored that some celebrities are fans of our product, but we don’t have just one favorite. It’s always nice to see that people like the brand and wear it, but the same thing goes for non-celebrities.

DB: What has been the best selling jean for men?

The G-Star Elwood has been one of the best selling jeans of this past decade, selling over 13 million pairs. Currently the Arc Pant is the best selling denim from G-Star. (You can see the Arc pant above).

DB: Here are the different fits G-Star has to offer for men.


3301 Slim.



Written by Lorna Burford

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