Denim Review: Denimocracy Trouser Denim In Eclipse

Here is another review on a pair of Denimocracy jeans. These are quite the opposite to my previous review in which I wore a pair of skinny leggings. These are their Trouser denim leggings in Eclipse wash. I was really intrigued by these because I hadn’t yet seen a pair of flared jeans but in a denim legging material, denim leggings are always skinny jeans.

These are actually the comfiest flares that I own due to the legging material, the material of these is really thin and stretchy just like a very thin pair of jeggings. They are a trouser style with no back pockets and a flare that starts at the knees. When I first pulled these out of the package, I was quite apprehensive about them to be honest, I didn’t think they would be any good. I was pleased to find I was wrong but there is one point I would like to make about them.

Because of the material being thin it doesn’t have any strength or sturdiness to it so the actual flare and silhouette of the trousers doesn’t sit that well when worn. The flare goes a bit baggy and a bit flimsy, it’s not like a proper pair of denim flares where they hold their shape really well. You can see from the photos that they crease up quite a bit. That’s the only downfall I have about these because they are just so comfy and slim fitting everywhere else, there are no other complaints. I can’t really talk about the wash either as it’s just a plain, dark navy blue, it’s very classic and quite smart.

Again, these are really affordable! They are only $97 like most of Denimocracy’s collection. I don’t think I could wear these without a longer top though, the lack of back pockets and the very thin material makes them a lot like leggings and I’m really uncomfortable wearing leggings without longer tops. Buy these at Boutique To You for only $97!

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  1. that’s too bad! if you do happen to come across them, a review would be great! in the meantime, do you have or know of any other brands that made suspender jeans? those Frankie B ones are the only ones I can think of at the moment!