Cash Warren in Sinclair Denim

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba were caught by the paps leaving Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles. Cash was wearing Sinclair Denim; the Adler in Whisper wash. I always wonder what these restaurants are like and I decided to read a little about Madeo. It is an Italian restaurant, expensive (of course!) and it’s not a good place to bring your kids or if you are handicap, since it’s not handicap accessible. Sounds mostly like a celeb hang with that kind of price tag and attire.

As far as looks go, I think Jessica is WAY out of Cash’s league, but he is a film producer and even a Yale graduate, so he has some other advantages there. He really isn’t a very famous or even very profitable film producer though, he’s only produced a few films. As long as they are happy though, who am I to judge, which they sure look like they are. You can buy Sinclair Denim here.