Pink in OshKosh Denim Overalls

Pink was spotted picking up a few items to build a nursery in Malibu, California wearing Osh Kosh denim overalls. I think it’s rather funny that she is wearing these overalls right after the news of her pregnancy has surfaced since Osh Kosh is so well known as a kid’s overall brand.

So what do you think of her outfit? I think it’s rather overly casual even for a pregnant woman… I can see her wearing something like this when 6-7 months pregnant when it starts to get uncomfortable to wear normal pregnancy jeans. Pink has off the wall different style though and I wonder what she will be wearing later in her pregnancy…


  1. What a terrible outfit!!! We call it salopette, in Italy. I don’t know if it has something to do with her pregnancy, a lot of pregnant women can wear “normal” clothes when they’re 5-6 months pregnant. Salopette is one most unflattering thing a person, man or woman, can wear.

  2. I think they are awsome looking on pink, I wear overalls too! evry chanch I get. I even have sex in them. they are the most comfortable things out there!! keep wearing them pink. you go girl…

  3. She looks quite cool. Wearing Bib Overalls has become quite the Tattooed Hipster thing to do these days. usually requiring a beanie on the head and a pair of Converse Allstars.

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