My K.B LuSH Collaboration Bracelet

I did a little collaboration bracelet with the denim jewellery brand K.B LuSH. I’ve always loved their pieces since I first saw the brand and they gave me the opportunity to design one. I love dragonflies, so I made this brass dragonfly the main focal point of the bracelet and it features ribbons, pearl beads, buttons and zippers as well on a vintage piece of denim. Each bracelet is hand made and unique.

K.B LuSH started the bracelet based off of my design and then I finished it. I named the bracelet ‘Dragonfly Meadows’ and it’s available to buy worldwide from their online store for $45. It’s only available in limited edition quantities though as it’s a special limited edition bracelet. I had a really fun time designing and making the bracelet. I have always loved designing and making clothes/accessories since I can remember. I hope you like it! Click here to buy this bracelet from K.B LuSH.


  1. That is the ugliest bracelet ever. It looks like you took a bunch of sewing scraps and threw them at a denim strap. Did you dig in your Grandma’s craft drawer and find a bunch of it got stuck accidentally on your wrist? I’d never wear that ugly crap.

  2. I think this bracelet is kitsch, honestly I don’t know if there’s a way to translate it in english or if you use this german word. It’s kitsch but in a good way, so I like it, I like the way you put together lace, buttons, beads…

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