Hilary Swank in Hudson

Hilary Swank was seen wearing the Hudson Five Pocket Skinny in Devonshire. I have yet to try regular Hudson jeans that aren’t the triangle pocket, though I do have one pair that are super widelegs and don’t have the triangle pocket and they are still VERY flattering to my bum. I wish we had better pictures of Hilary’s bum here! Does anyone have the more “regular” jeans like these above? Are they still very flattering to the bum?

I really loved Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby“, she showed such passion in that movie! Though I’m probably a bit biased since I love boxing in general. I haven’t seen her in “Amelia” yet and I guess I’m not all that interested in airplane stuff, but my sister is a pilot and watched the movie and said it was just “pretty good”. Anyone want to share their review of “Amelia“?