Denim Review: Rich & Skinny Legacy Zip Legging In Slick Black

This weeks review is on the Rich & Skinny Legacy Zip Leggings in Slick Black. I think I have finally found what I have been looking for! I wanted the perfect pair of skinny jeans that ticked all the boxes; comfortable, super skinny, pretty and extremely shiny. These jeans are all of those things! My search is over!

The fit of these jeans, if you are familiar with Rich & Skinny, is definitely one of their classic cuts, they have the low rise, the really skinny leg, the flattering back pockets and their usual embroidered logo on the back pocket. Rich & Skinny jeans are actually among one of my favourite brands when it comes to fit, I know I can count on them to make a perfect fitting jean for my body shape, they really look nice. I love minimal jeans as well so I am very fond of the back pockets being completely plain, that’s something I often look for in a jean now. I’m definitely over that phase of over embellished pocket designs.

The wash of these jeans is really what makes them special! They are waxed so much that they give the impression of PVC or leather, which is exactly what I was looking for! The material content does have polyester in it which is kind of my nemesis but due to the amount of wax on the jeans, I can barely feel the itchiness so that makes me really happy! Because these jeans are also a denim legging they are so comfortable! They are really really stretchy and a lot more breathable than you would think. The only downfall to the wash is that you can really smell the wax, it’s quite a strong smell but I am willing to put up with that because in order to make a jean this shiny you need that amount of wax unfortunately. Plus, the smell will fade after time.

The ankle zips on these jeans also add a lot of character to them. I love having aesthetics on a jean that give a lot more to the overall appearance of the jean, I find it makes them much more interesting and easier to wear. The inseam on these is a standard inseam and it runs at around 31″ I would say, even though it states 29″ it feels a lot longer, so for those of you with shorter legs like myself, the zips do bunch up a little at the hem and I think if you have quite short legs then it wouldn’t look as good because the zipper makes the bunching really awkward.

Overall though, I am completely in love with these jeans and how shiny they are. I honestly found the perfect pair, on my second try as well! They are gorgeous and I love how realistic they look. I think Rich & Skinny, as a brand, have really come a long way in the past year, they have really hit the top spot with the current trends at the moment and their designs have really gotten a lot better in my eyes. They also made one of my favourite cargo pants! If you haven’t tried the brand yet then I honestly would recommend them to you. These jeans are also a pair I would recommend if you love the shiny/faux leather looking jeans, I love them! Buy these leggings at Rich & Skinny for $194.

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Jeans courtesy of Rich & Skinny.


  1. oh Lorna, they look fabulous. I totally agree about the wash and everything, I wish I wasn’t a poor student so I could afford a pair, the fit and everything is great 🙂 plus nice outfit as always Miss Louboutin!

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