Denim Review: Paige Premium Curson Cargo Pants In Slate

My second review for this week is on the Paige Premium Curson Cargos in Slate. They are Paige’s brand new cargo pant for Fall/Winter and they come in 4 colours; Slate, Black and Moss for the new washes or Super Tanzania for the older wash.

The fit of these cargo pants is no more than you would expect from the brand, they have the gorgeous skinny fit, much like the Skyline jeans but they are made of a cotton material instead of denim. They do have some stretch to them and the back pockets are a bit different to normal, the usual Paige lines on the left side of the pocket are oversized and quite a statement, I love that! They also don’t have the regular Paige curved line of stitching on the back pockets either. They are completely plain. The pockets at the knees fit in the right place and the inseam isn’t too long or too short. They have a wonderful fit and I’ve worn these about 3 times already!

The wash is a plain dark grey, much like its name, Slate, it is that colour and quite strong. The major problem I had with the wash of these pants was how much it bled onto my skin after every wear. Like I said, I have worn these 3 times and my legs were stained a very dark blue each time. I thought by the third wear they wouldn’t be as bad but they are so I would 100% recommend washing these before you wear them and wash them alone so they don’t dye your other garments. I never like to wash my jeans before I wear them as I feel it ruins the wash a bit but with these cargo pants, the Slate wash would look amazing slightly washed out in my opinion. Other than the dye bleeding issue they are the perfect Fall colour, they match everything as they are neutral

I’m still very much in love with cargo pants. I’ve always been a girl who lives in jeans so it does make a nice change to switch to cargo pants sometimes and give the jeans a break, but while still keeping the amazing fit of your favourite brands. I’m really glad that skinny cargo pants came on the scene and have been as popular as they are. If you haven’t tried a pair yet then I would definitely recommend them! The thing I love most about the cargos is not only how detailed they are but how versatile, you can wear them with heels, wedges, boots, sandals and sweaters, vests, tank tops, shirts… They go with almost anything! As long as you keep the colours trending and don’t pair them with something too smart you are good to go! Buy these Paige Premium Curson Cargos at Paige Premium online for $169.

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Jeans courtesy of Paige Denim.


  1. They are really cute. I just can’t get enough of the cargo trend. I recently got a pair of cargo leggings myself. I got the Blank Denim Cargos in Army.