Denim Review: Marc Allison Shirl Classic Bell Jeans

I’m going to be doing 2 reviews this week again as I have many jeans to get through and share with you. The first review is on these Marc Allison Shirl Classic Bell Flare jeans. I have had them for a while and I think you will love them if you are a fan of flared jeans!

The fit of these jeans is really slimming. It’s really tight fitting in the butt area and the thighs but it flares out into a big bell bottom from the knee down. This is the perfect way to create a flared jean in my opinion. You need the tighter and flattering fit up the top, like you would with a skinny jean, but you need them to be bigger from the knee down to give that great silhouette while not swamping and hiding your figure. They also have that thick hem which adds that classic look to a trouser style jean.

The back pockets are plain as you know from Marc Allison jeans, they just have their little logo on the top right of the right pocket. The simplicity of these jeans is wonderful! They do run true to size for the brand, I am generally a 28 in Marc Allison and these fit me perfectly. They have a really long inseam though, I am wearing 5 inch heels with these jeans and they still just about touch the floor. They would be suited to really tall people or shorter people who love to wear heels.

The wash is a classic and simple medium blue wash. It has a very bright tone to it so they are really blue. It’s not too in your face though like some extremely blue washes. The wash and denim is really soft as well. It makes these jeans incredibly comfy to wear and I love that! There is nothing worse than a really itchy and scratchy fabric! Buy these jeans at Marc Allison online.

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Jeans courtesy of Marc Allison.


  1. That’s no problem Sue 🙂 I’m a skinny jean fan, probably the biggest one you can find, they are all I live in but I like to branch out and try new jeans and share my thoughts for the readers. I appreciate everyone has their own opinions and flared jeans aren’t for you 🙂

  2. I’m loving the 70’s vibe of this outfit. I think these are really flattering, and are a great way to switch things up from skinny jeans.

  3. oh I love these! they’re a great colour and fit, and the length looks perfect to be (though any longer and you be be tripping over them), i always think its a shame when jeans are too short it makes such a difference. you look super tall! i’m looking for some wide leg jeans, these may be the place to start 🙂

  4. u look good in everything. baby ur a star. As for these jeans: NEVER, EVER, wear new, inspired vintage, unless it’s highly researched and each cut babied, and finished by an expert. Big hems normally denote vintage and should only be worn vintage. New ‘vintage’, with big hems denotes: poseur, wasteful (non-recycling), wannabe, cost-cutting fabrics, and generally a short-lived, end-of-disco vibe which is very hard to pull off. The failed result of a thick hem is an unflattering Mom Jeans effect.

    Authentic example and a glaring exception: Maggie Gyl.

    Unauthentic example: generally anyone under 30 (In Hollywood, under 50.)

    If you have some new jeans with thick hems and you want to lose the fake 1979 look, rip the hem out and lock stitch the edge for work style or shred the edge for home style. Also, make sure there is no spandex in your cottons unless you are wearing vintage Gloria Vanderbilt. Spandex is a vintage killer and the first sign of a denim poseur. If your jeans aren’t 100% cotton, you might as well be shopping at Walmart because most cotton blends are a cost-cutting device designed to enhance their bottom line and wrap your bottom in an overpriced, polyester line.

  5. These are actually wonderful and have no polyester in them, they are supposed to be more like trouser jeans with the thick hem and give a more smart look rather than a vintage look with beat up hems and no thick hem. I’ve been working with premium denim for years now and I know what works and what doesn’t work for my body and these are nice. Marc Allison is a great brand that is fairly new, they are just not really established yet, that’s all 🙂

  6. Lorna! Just “had” to comment here, as you look FABULOUS in this outfit!! You legs look super long, and I absolutely love the shirt with the thin belt – super cute. You look very classic, and the belt and trouser style pants look so feminine. I’m going to try to pull off a similar look – thanks for the idea! 🙂

  7. i think these jeans you have on are absolutley awesome ,and u look great in them. i only wear flare/bell jeans, and would never wear skinny jeans. people always think you have to wear whats “in” but never taking into consideration of what actually looks good on there body type. i think that i might try these jeans myslef:)

  8. Thanks Marwa! I completely agree, I do love skinny jeans myself but not because they are fashionable, because they fit me really well and suit me, I wear what suits me 🙂 You should definitely try them!

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