Denim Review: J Brand 910 Skinny Jeans In Hightide

I am doing 2 reviews this week and the first one is on the J Brand 910 Skinny Jeans in Hightide wash. I got these from Gilt Groupe a little while ago and I love them! I’ve always been a fan of how pretty the wash is since I saw them on Kristin Cavallari a while back. I haven’t yet reviewed a classic J Brand fit so I thought it was about time I did.

The 910 skinny cut from J Brand is my favourite cut they do. I prefer it to the 912 as the 912 is not skinny enough for me and the inseam is much too long. With the 910 fit the inseam is perfect, I think it runs at around 30 so it would be great for the ankle peg look if you are taller or if you are not too tall like myself then they look just like skinny jeans. The rise is also perfect, I would say it is around 7 inches and they are extremely skinny all over. The one thing I love most about J Brand is how fitted they are in the legs. I normally find it difficult to get a good fitting pair of jeans in the waist and in the legs at the same time as my legs are quite small, but these fit wonderfully all over.

The back pocket placement is also another favourite of mine when it comes to J Brand jeans. They really take care in positioning the pockets in exactly the right place to uplift your bum and make it look really nice. They are not too spaced apart which gives the illusion of a wide butt and they are not too close together either, the position is just how it should be and that’s always something I look for in a jean. I’m never a fan of them if they don’t fit right in the rear area, haha. I also love the fact that J Brand’s pockets are completely plain, it makes the jeans more focused on the fit and wash rather than the pockets so they are suitable for anybody really.

The wash is absolutely the best thing about these jeans though! It’s an amazing deep blue with whiskering in the lap area which is in a great position to look authentic and there are crinkles down the thighs and honeycombing on the backs of the knees. Normally I can be really annoyed with these kind of details because a lot of the time they can look cheaply done and not in the right position for me as my legs are normally not long enough and the honeycombs fit somewhere on my calves, but with these Hightide’s, they fit perfectly on the backs of my knees which makes them look authentic. The wash did feel a bit scratchy at first which I thought was strange since it doesn’t have polyester in it but I think it was just because they were so new, now I have worn them a lot they feel just fine.

I would definitely recommend the 910 fit over any of the skinny jeans J Brand has to offer. If you are like myself and love super skinny jeans but have smaller legs then these will be perfect for you! The 910 cut comes in many washes as well! Buy these jeans at J Brand for $198.

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  1. fab colour and fit, desperate to get a pair of J Brand jeans! i love all the ones that I have seen on here. Think they sell them in John Lewis in England? Maybe an xmas treat is in store!

  2. also, obviously I don’t know you (!), but you say you have small legs, but I think these make your legs look really long? or maybe its just me!

  3. I think it’s the angle of the images and the fact I have almost 5 inch heels on πŸ™‚ With flats I have a around a 29/30 inseam πŸ™‚ And my legs are quite small as in thin as well.

  4. I don’t think John Lewis stock J Brand, I’ve never seen them in the store, but loads of places like Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Donna Ida, Triology and other random boutiques do πŸ™‚

  5. yeah, the inseam really does seem perfect. How tall are you if I may ask? I’m 5’7″ and the jbrand 910 I own are almost a little short. But they work great with boots. Did you get your normal size?

  6. I own the 910 in ghost wash. It’s a dark grey. I love them. They are extremely soft. Yeah, I noticed too, that my normal size fit a little more snug than usual.

  7. Lorna; Which size you┬─re in this J Brand?? Coz I normally same size as you in other so probably help if I wanna order online>>Thank you *_^

  8. Wow! You look like a model in these!! (And you have such gorgeous hair!!) They are super cute – thanks for the scoop on them!

  9. Wow! you are super gorgeous! You should be a model if you are not already one lol! Your outfit is something I’d put together too, minus the skyhigh heels since I sprained my ankle =(.

    I bought a pair of citizens of humanity jeans the other day, I love the color and fit but the denim seems to be quite thin for paying $209. I think I have to try those J Brand skinnies!

    I lovelovelove your handbag btw, what brand/model is it? if you don’t mind sharing =).

  10. oops, I meant that my first pair of designer jeans, the citizens of humanitiy
    Dita Petite Boot in Wonder seems to be made of thin denim, I’m scared that if I wash them that they might break. I’m a noobie at designer jeans, I only have 2 pairs lol.

  11. Hi Jenn! Thank you so much, that’s really kind of you. I’ve only done a bit of modeling in my life, it would be great to do some more! My bag is Marc Jacobs, it’s the quilted leather Bruna in Fuchsia, it’s so pretty! I got it from The Outnet with 70% off!

    Citizens are quite thin, I only have some of their Avedon jeggings which are thin because of the legging material. I’ve not tried the bootcuts. They are a premium brand though and I haven’t heard any horror stories about their jeans ripping so they should be fine. If you follow the wash instructions on the care label it should be ok πŸ™‚

  12. Hi! I don’t live in the US but I go there often. What stores are the best to go to if you want to buy J brand jeans and if you want to buy black orchid jeans?

    Really nice blog buy the way πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Kat, have you tried online buying? Singer22 stocks both and you could go to the J Brand shops as well. I’m sure some department stores do but I find buying online the best, they have the most selection!

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