Cashmere and Silk jeans?

Recently, the focus in the denim world has been raw or vintage denim. Brands like Current/Elliott shot to popularity as a result of their worn in and faded looks. However, denim designers may now be shifting away from old and toward luxury.

Spanish denim producer, Tavex, has created a fabric, which appears in their Spring collections, featuring a blend of linen, Cupro as well as silk and taffeta. Resulting in a truly luxurious fabric. The firm’s marketing director sees these types of developments as the future of the denim business, “ “We sense there is an evolution away from vintage to more high-end, ready-to-wear-inspired fabrics,” David Bardin said.

Other brands, such as Hugo Boss and D&G have been adapting fabrics made from a cashmere blend. (How luxurious!) But as Jean Ivor, Product Development head at Nudie states, the development serves a purpose greater than just luxury, “We’re not into [noble ´¼übers for the sake of it]ÔǪit’s more about ´¼ünding ´¼übers that will wear well, such as cashmere which ages really beautifully.”

Other brands, such as Notify and Naked and Famous have also been experimenting with cashmere blends, noting the blend’s comfort and memory retention as selling points. The selling prices, however, also are reflecting this new-found luxury, some pairs starting as high as $390.

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  1. Dondup, which is an italian brand of clothes and jeans, made jeans not with denim, but with silk, but I don’t know if you can consider them jeans… To me, jeans means denim.

  2. Well, I agree with you. Jeans typically means made from denim. Tons of designers have made pant styles that look like jeans but are made from different fabrics. However, this article is talking about making jeans from cashmere and silk blends, so it’d be mixed into the cotton fabric of the denim.