Wrangler Sky Dive Proves We Are Animals

Remember we told you about Wrangler’s challenges called Stop Thinking? Well the first event took place and it was a sky dive! Four ordinary members of the British public jumped out of a plane at 13000 feet above the Belgian countryside.

They had responded to the challenge laid down by iconic denim brand Wrangler: “If you were asked to drop everything at a moment’s notice and just go…could you?…would you?”

Following in the footsteps the viral seeding of Stop Thinking film in September 2009, Wrangler followed up in August 2010 and September 2010, persuading thousands of fashion fanatics and jeans lovers to sign up to its mysterious Stop Thinking website. These daring souls were posed a series of cryptic clues, which hinted at a wild, crazy, life-changing event that they could be part of – if they were prepared to Stop Thinking

Danni Osborne, Graham Newlands, Matt Doughty and Kelvin Fred-Horsfall were the selected few who braved the challenge, their journey can be viewed at http://www.stopthinking.co.uk. The countdown has begun for the next Stop Thinking call to action. You can view the videos of the events on the Wrangler YouTube channel by clicking here. The sky dive video looks amazing! I’m glad they all did it!