CLOSED! WIN a FREE pair of J Brand Agnes Jeans in Stealth from Singer22!

Singer22 is giving one lucky DenimBlog reader the chance to WIN a pair of the brand new J Brand Agnes jeans in Stealth! These jeans are one of the hottest at the moment, they have been seen on Rihanna and Katherine Heigl so far and many more celebs to come! Would you like to own a pair? The leather look trend is one that is here to stay throughout Winter and it’s great for everyone as it’s an animal friendly fabric at a more affordable price! Not to mention the zippers on these jeans are HOT!

All you have to do to enter this contest is leave a comment on this blog post with your name, a valid email address and your country of residence and tell us why you think you should win! It’s as simple as that!

The contest is open worldwide and will be running for 2 weeks, it will end on the 18th October 2010. The winner will be selected by Singer22 after the contest has ended. Your email addresses (if placed in the email address box provided) will be viewable by both DenimBlog and Singer22 only. A huge thank you to our sponsor Singer22 for this amazing giveaway and good luck everyone!

45512, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tuesday September 28, 2010. Rihanna, sporting red hair and an acid grey denim jacket, leaves Da Silvano restaurant in NYC and stops to sign autographs for fans. The pop singer was mobbed by fans an photographers as she left the restaurant to head back to her hotel. Photograph:


  1. What can I say?

    I would like to win this amazing pair of jeans to get my friend jalous ๐Ÿ˜‰ !!

  2. I think I should win so I can rock these like Rihanna!

    (Brian, that’s really sweet).

  3. USA

    I think I should win these super sexy jeans because I LOVE them! and I’ve always wanted some J brand jeans!

  4. Canada
    They are really cute ๐Ÿ™‚ plus it will be my first pair of J Brand jeans… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I think I should win because I canโ€™t afford to buy a pair & they are really cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. USA
    I love JBrand…
    I think I should win because I think JBrand is the most flattering jeans brand…ever. And I’ve never won anything before ๐Ÿ™

  7. Canada

    As a faithful Denimblog reader I have entered every contest with the hopes of getting a hot pair of jeans…with no luck:( Can you give me the opportunity to get my butt into a pair of these AMAZING jeans? I would even do a review and take pics if you’d like:)

  8. After just recuperating from an emergency hysterectomy, I have lost too much weight to fit into my jeans. These would be a great silver lining to a very difficult experience.

  9. Canada

    Love this blog and daydream about all the amazing jeans NOT available in any stores where I live. *Gasp* *Sigh* *Oh No!*

    I work in a creative environment, so I know people would appreciate the craftsmanship put into this fab pair of denim. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I would faint (in a good way!) if I won these! Would really encourage me to keep going to the gym!! x

  11. Colombia

    I think I should win because I’m studying fashion design and where I’m from, first we don’t have this brands and second, if we do they the cost is the double, and this would definetly be a great add to my apparel.

  12. I think I should win because I will have something to look forward to wearing after I have my baby in december. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. i would love to win because jbrand jeans give me a confidence that shows on both the inside and out. that coming from a girl with a big butt! they are some of the only designer jeans i’ve ever owned that actually fit a girl with curves. ๐Ÿ™‚ these pants are hot too so i’d love to pair them with a black sweater, black heels and my leopard print ann taylor scarf for the fall! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. United States
    I LOVE singer22!! I am a hot mommy, and everything I do is for my princess….I NEED these jeans!!! Thank you!

  15. U.S.
    Im obsessed with denim, but have yet to try JBRAND…please make this sexy pair my 1st pair!! Thanks singer22 and denimblog!!

  16. San Fransico, CA
    I’m one of the biggest denim snobs ever! i loooove my jeans. i buy from all quality brands and read tons of denim blogs keeping up on the hottest styles! if i won these jeans i would be so greatful. San fransisco is so expensive it would be amazing to save the money that i would spend to buy them. i have legs for days and i would totally rock the hell out of these…i want these so bad!! (crossing my fingers)

  17. Athens, Ohio, USA
    I am like many, a denim jeans fanatic, but before moving to Ohio (I came from a place with a very hot climate) all I would wear were shorts or dresses. When I moved here my mom bought me my first pair of jeans since I was a child. They were a pair of classic J-Brand cigarette leg jeans. The fit amazingly and it really changed my view on pants. I think I should win these jeans because I love pants, and these have been on my wishlist since I first saw Rihanna in them. My butt would totally look like a rockstar in these! (I hope you liked that reference to Rihanna)

  18. Greencastle, IN
    I SHOULD win these jeans because
    a. Who wouldn’t want to be seen reppin’ the newest and hottest J Brand style?
    b. With the J Brand Agnes Jeans, I’ll be sure to bring more than just Sexxy back.
    c. SIX Words: J Brand is to die for!!!

  19. U.S.A

    I should win this J Brand Agnes jeans in Stealth, because they will look amazing on me during this fall and winter and any other time ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus I love the way J brand jeans fit! I am in love with these jeans, and I can already picture different looks in my head to wear this unique, attractive and fabulous pair with. SInger22 , and Denim blog Rocks! I gotta have it, this jeans are a must have.

  20. Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
    I’m an ob/gyn studying like crazy for my oral boards, trying to raise two adorable little babies and balancing my practice ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love a special treat for all the hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. J Brand is the paradigm of perfect denim: simple, sexy, and sophisticated. When I wear them, it’s as if they’re infusing me with these qualities – who wouldn’t love denim with the ability to enrich both style and lifestyle?

  22. USA
    I was a foster parent for my niece for the last 3 years. It’s been the most difficult and stressful task I’ve ever taken on in my life. Not only was it diffucult to teach a 13 yr old structure and values when she grew up without either but I also had to fight against the system to do what was best for my niece. My niece is now back with her mom which isn’t in my niece’s best interest for her well being but it save the state of IL money and one less kid in the system for DCFS to care for. Nothing can take away the hurt I feel but these awesome pair of J Brand jeans would make me feel a little better.

  23. I think I should win because I love j brand jeans. I just got my first pair 2 months ago, and theyre my favorite!! I love the attention the put into the fit of their jeans and they fit perfectly!

  24. MA, USA
    Errr, I never trust sth. like “win a pair of free jeans”. They are just stunts. However, I still leave a comment here. Prove me wrong!

  25. Hi From South Africa!
    I love J Brand! I would love to win because we cant get these in South Africa and I feel fashion deprived!

  26. Oooh this is amazing!
    I’m from the US.

    I would love to win because J Brands are THE BEST jeans, and these ones are so unique!

    I am a jean fanatic and would love to add these to my collection.

    Thanks for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I LOVE jeans! but i recently just moved out on my own… and i am a starving artist! trying to make a living with my artistic abilities! I have tons of designer denim.. they’re all pretty outdated though. WOULD LOVE to own a pair of these..!! ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for your time!

  28. I LOVE jeans! but i recently just moved out on my ownร”ร‡ยช and i am a starving artist! trying to make a living with my artistic abilities! I have tons of designer denim.. theyโ€™re all pretty outdated though. WOULD LOVE to own a pair of these..!! thank you for your time!
    oh sorry..forgot to mention.

  29. Czech republic

    Hello, I would like to win because J Brand Agnes jeans would be great present for my girlfriend on her birthday (November).


  30. I think I deserve to win this pair of Stealth J Brand Agnes because I’d greatly appreciate feeling the material and fit. There must be a reason why almost all of the celebrities featured wear J Brand!

  31. i think i should win this awesome pair because i am a huge fan of it and it looks nice so i would love to try it on.and i just started my second year in college so it would be nice to wear it and tease my friends lol ”wink” ! so please pickkkk me ! thanx

  32. Annick

    from CANADA!

    I’d love a new pair of J Brands. Sadly, all my pairs have been so worn that they are either washed out of have holes in them. A new pair would be great to put me on track with fall fashion!

  33. JEannine M
    Mellanhead74 at
    From NY

    I would love to win because I never buy new clothes for myself and these would rock

  34. yay!me too!love, Love new Agnes jeans. hope if I can win this ,i would be great woman like Rihanna and Katherine Heigl lol so..pleasee, DenimBlog and Singer22, choose me to b a winner ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. After breaking up with my BF of 6 years, I’m ready to go out on the town and meet someone new! I would look fab in these and snag a new beau, for sure! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. These jeans would empower my mind, body, and soul…and I also know they’d give me a little booty which I am severly lacking…every girl needs some booty!

  37. I need this jeans because a. I have never owned a paid of J Brands, which is a tragedy itself and b. one of the belt loops just tore off on my only pair of black jeans! ๐Ÿ™

  38. I absolutely love black pants and these leather-esque pants are black pants at its sexiest.

    Plus my birthday was yesterday and I spent it working a 10 hour shift, getting ripped apart by a patient, and having one of the worst days ever. Please make me feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I absolutely love JBrand jeans, because being a very petite and small one, they have the best fit for me. And with my classic, but edgy style, these waxed pants with zippers would be absolutely fabulous!

    Furthermore, I am from Munich/Germany – doesn’t THIS mean that I MUST be a real fan when entering this blog?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sorry, I simply would love to win, it would be SO great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. UK England

    Love these jeans, Love J brand (wish I had the money to stock my wardrobe with them)
    I think I am developing a jeans massive jeans obsession (I even want to do my dissertation on jeans), I think I look at this site practically every day.
    I am a petite girl and these would be the right length.
    A good pair of jeans can really make a person feel more confident and good about themselves, which is a feeling I could really use.

  41. I think I should win because when I wear various clothing (skinny jeans are a top) I get many compliments about having a great figure, plus people ask about the designer/store, and for dates. I’m short on wardrobe for this season and the strength of stealth’ adds confidence when go-getting.

  42. Pesaro, Italy –

    i’d love to win..i’d simply put this out as a reason..j brand jeans are a pretty good reason! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. My country is USA!

    I should win because zipper detailing is hot and, more importantly, I’ve always thought so! Seriously…as a kid my mother used to have detached zippers stashed in her sewing kit and I would take them out and pin them to clothes. Of course they weren’t functioning (not like the great ones on these pants that can open to peep your shoes), but they still were pretty ahead of the trends.

    Love J Brand but only through word of mouth…I’d love to try a pair on myself!


  44. U.S.A
    I deserve to win because I am BOTH a Jbrand AND fan! offers such an extensive but well edited selection of designer brand clothes. I am constantly checking their site because I know everything that they sell are definitely either on trend or classics that will stay in my wardrobe for a long time to come. I recently splurged on a pair of Jbrand Houlihan Cargo in Westpoint and I have been wearing them every single day for the past 10 days now. Despite the color (an army green) and the style it can be styled differently. i am sure the Black Coated Agnes will become my latest obsession if I win them! I can already picture an outfit to go with the Agnes pants: A drapey gray Kain tank top with my new Helmut Lang asymmetrical jacket or the Yaya Aflalo leather jacket (that I purchased from Singer22 more than a year ago and is still the MOST treasured piece in my closet) paired with my Louboutin studded flats. Casual yet uber chic! Very MOD.
    Thank you Singer22 and Denimblog for giving me this chance to win the most lusted after pants of the season! I sincerely hope I win.

  45. Canada
    I would love to win a pair of JBrand anything! I’m revamping my wardrobe and want only items that will really add value and can be worn with alot of different things and this would definitely be one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. CHINA

    I LOVE J BRAND!!!!!!!!

  47. the new J Brand Agnes jeans in Stealth are a must have. i love them! ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks for the giveaway.

  48. Lola, United States.
    The person who wins should be, like J Brand, classy but still edgy and fashion-forward. I believe I deserve to win because I embody the qualities J Brand stands for. These pants are perfect for the winter seeing as they’re black, and the winters where I am are harsh! It doesn’t hurt to have the zipper detail either! I’ve always been a fan of this designer because the jeans aren’t all about the flashy back pockets. They stand out quietly, just like a beautiful pair of J Brands should (: I would be so grateful toward Singer22 if they chose me as their winner!

  49. USA<3

    Id love to try these jeans. I absolutely love JBrand jeans, because being a very petite and small one, they have the best fit for me. And with my classic, but edgy style, these waxed pants with zippers would be absolutely fabulous! Im changing my waredrobe and want something new this is perfect for my little skinny legs..These jeans will flaunt my curves and i need that!!! <33333


  50. Oh and I didnโ€™t really add why I should win lol I should win b/c I am a denim addict! Some people love bags, others love shoes! Well I love denim! I mean if it is denim like I will wear it on the lower half of my body! These would be a great addition to my closet! Im saving up money for a new house for my parents… Obviously those things are more important than buying a pair of pants! So no more buying clothes for a while! But to win these would be awesome! Thanks! I really hope you choose me!

  51. I’ve been lusting after these jeans since seeing Sandra Bullock in similar waxed J Brand jeggings! And the contest happens to end on my birthday so that must mean I’m going to win!

  52. These are super cute!! I am very slowly looking to build a new wardrobe after losing a lot of weight, and these jeans would be absolutely perfect! I have one pair of jeans right now that sort of fit, and with the weather changing quickly, I have got to get this wardrobe deficit HANDLED!!

  53. I would love to win because I have a trip to Los Angeles coming up, and I’d love to rock these and look super stylish when i get off my flight ๐Ÿ˜‰ When in Rome…ya know? Thanks so much! These are so hot!


  54. I would love these jeans because they look so comfy and cute. They would match with anything. I hope I win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. First of all can we just look at how STUNNING these jeans are? Wow, do you know how good I would look if I were to win these amazing jeans? It would truly be an honor. The most unattractive person in the world could wear these jeans and look GORGEOUS.

    I think I deserve to win these jeans because I love keeping up with the hottest, stylish trends. These are definitely trendy jeans that I know I could rock without a doubt. They would be perfect for going out with the girls and just having fun. The edgyness of these jeans is the look that best portrays my style and would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe. I know that I will be looking the BEST and I know I will stand out if I’m wearing these jeans; there’s no question about that. A pair of electric blue, suede pumps would look amazing with these! Just think.. Give me the chance to wear these out, I will definitely not let you down if you chose me to wear these beautiful jeans, they will not be put to shame.

  56. The United States

    First of all can we just look at how STUNNING these jeans are? Wow, do you know how good I would look if I were to win these amazing jeans? It would truly be an honor. The most unattractive person in the world could wear these jeans and look GORGEOUS.

    I think I deserve to win these jeans because I love keeping up with the hottest, stylish trends. These are definitely trendy jeans that I know I could rock without a doubt. They would be perfect for going out with the girls and just having fun. The edgyness of these jeans is the look that best portrays my style and would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe. I know that I will be looking the BEST and I know I will stand out if Iโ€™m wearing these jeans; thereโ€™s no question about that. A pair of electric blue, suede pumps would look amazing with these! Just think.. Give me the chance to wear these out, I will definitely not let you down if you chose me to wear these beautiful jeans, they will not be put to shame.

  57. I would be an excellent winner for this contest as not only being a huge fan of Jbrand and Singer22, but I also work in the music industry as well as one night a week at a popular club, so when people ask where I got these sizzling-hot jeans from, I can tell them. Giving Singer22 the attention the site deserves and simply enabling women to get all amped up JBrand that the first thing they do is get out and buy them!

  58. USA

    I believe i should win because j brand is one of my absolte favorite denim brands! i have been wanting the anges jeans forever and unfortnately the US is in a terrible recession and so am i so i really cant even afford the extra cas to get them myself. I alread know exactly how i’d wear them ! combat boots with a kain tee! i havebeen longing for these jeans and would just die if i wont the contest! it would mea the world to me!

  59. USA

    i had alot of typos in my last post. very sorry about that. none the less, i would really appreciate the opportunity to have these jeans! my style is very southern rock and roll which i think these jeans SCREAM rock and roll. they dont even sell j brands in my area of town, the closest retail is 2 hrs away. give me the chance to wear these jeans, you’ll see the southern twist i put on them and LOVE IT ! i’ve never won a contest on denim blog and would be ecstatic if this was the contest i won! i love the site and your dedication to feed jean junkies like myself with news and trends 24/7. thanks.

  60. I am an American English teacher who has lived in South Korea for the past two years teaching English to elementary and middle school aged children. I love my work, but it’s hard being away from friends and family and everything I consider normal; including fashion. It’s just a different world out here and the fashion is no exception. Department stores are packed with brands I’ve never heard of, styles I’d never be able to pull off, and sizes that even my small frame would never be able to fit into. Shopping is not an option here which is hard since fashion has always been a priority in my life. I would very much appreciate this pair of to die for J. Brand Agnes pants because let’s face it, I have the salary of an expat teacher with student loans to pay off and live in Asia far away from Western fashion. I am a designer denim collector and lover but haven’t been able to buy any over here for the past two years. This would be a dream come true for my closet and me and a long overdue chance to feel as fashionable on the outside as I am on the inside. Thanks in advance for reading my entry and for putting on this contest. I can already see myself in these J.Brands and they look great;-)

  61. I love Denim Blog. You guys are on top of your stuff. Hopefully I can be as good as you one day! How bout those jeans now?? hmmm

  62. Singer 22 is such an awesome site that you can go to for absolutly anything, I love it. They carry every great fashion label including J Brand who is one of my faves! J Brand has the widdest range of style of bottoms making them the best label to go to for pants. These jeans have the perfect edge to them. Wearable with anything!

  63. These jeans are like nothing I own…they are amazing! They would add some edge to me girly wardrobe!


  64. Gotta love the name of the jeans my middle name is Agnes it was my great grandma and my aunt name. I love the j brand jeans I don’t have a pair but these look stylish with a zipper detail gives it a rocker edge
    United states staten island new York

  65. I live in the US!
    J Brand jeans are sooo cute and i love jeans, jeans are sooo comfy, they go with anything

  66. i never win something from aboard, especially like this^^
    thanks for to open like this competition
    i love Singer22 web ..cant stop close my eyes to see more fabulous things there;p
    very wait for J Brand Black coated Agnes Jean here,in my wardrobe …=^-^= im surely,it will be most special design there ๐Ÿ™‚
    from me, jeans lover:)

  67. Because I’ve always wanted to own a piece of clothing named after me. It would make me happier than Miss Chung bathing in a sea of Mulberry’s Alexas. Which I have no doubt she does when no-one’s looking.

  68. I would absolutely love to win these jbrand jeans! i am a huge fan of the brand and would love to rock these!
    my country, – oh canada!

  69. Canada

    I would love to win these jeans because they completely reflect my pretty rocker style and would match a lot of what I wear. I deserve to win because I’m a student with no money and can’t afford new clothes this season. Good luck to me!

  70. Melbourne, Australia

    I would love these jeans, because I really eager to have on, and im sure it would look like really amazing.
    I am a big J brand fans, Love the cutting, cant to get my hands on these jeans.

  71. Los Angeles, CA

    I think I should win these jeans because I cannot find pants that fit me. I haven’t ever really worn pants ever. I am decidedly pear shaped and was always insecure about jeans that fit. I used to try on Frankie B.’s in middle school trying to rock the low LOW cut look but it was not for me. I wanted desperately to have a pair of jeans that made me look like the cool chick I was destined to be! Rihanna has so much confidence in those pants, I feel like I could rock her steeze and have them flatter my “Kardashian area.” I love the way these pants look and have even tried them on in store. They fit like a dream. No, really like a dream where I look good in pants. It’s a whole new world and I love when denim can look great on a wide variety of body types. From Bajajian beauties, to statuesque models and everyone in between, J Brand fits women and doesn’t compromise any of the style. I hope this mini essay/confessional has proven why I should in fact win the J. Brand Agnes coated jeans in Stealth. To summarize, J Brand Agnes jeans provide the fit, look and most importantly STEEZE of the growing girl on the go.

  72. I fell in love with Jbrand jeans ever since I found out about it. Not only is it a fresh new idea for designer jeans, it makes you look amazing just wearing it! Designer jeans usually have all these branding and bejewelled stuff on pockets and what not. But JBRAND? Minimalist and simplicity is the key. They started this trend and you can be sure that they will last for lifetimes to come and even beat the other brands out there. You can practically wear them anywhere and anytime of the day and they would look good. I am a denim lover, that have to admit. I would even NOT eat just to have the money for another pair! Who says denims are all alike?? NEVER with Jbrand! To win this BLACK AGNES JEANS would totally make my year end greatest than it has been all year! Need I say more as to why I should win?

  73. USA

    The reason why I think I should win this pair of J Brand Agnes Jeans in Stealth is because I have gained a couple of pounds in the past months. I havenโ€™t been wearing my jeans for three months because of the humid summer weather. One day when I did decide to put them on again, I have noticed that I could no longer move it pass my hips and that was when I freaked out. I used to be a size 24 and now I am a size 26. All of my five pair of J Brand jeans is now too small for me. I can’t afford to buy any new denim because I am in school and have to pay some of the tuition out of my own pocket. I was desperate for some new jeans to wear because all I wore were sweatpants everyday for the past months so thatโ€™s when I’ve decided to recycle all of my old unfitted J Brand jeans on ebay. I bought a new pair of J Brand denim in the wash called pure with the money that Iโ€™ve made from selling my old jeans. I am so happy that I now own a pair of J Brand jeans that can actually fit me comfortably! I would be so grateful if I was picked as a winner because the J Brand Agnes will be a new addition to my new wardrobe.

  74. Minneapolis-USA

    J Brand undoubtedly makes the most flattering skinnies & I love the zipper details. With my recent weight loss I can’t wait to get back into black skinny jeans… unfortunately my J Brand Jeggings no longer fit me!

  75. Minneapolis-USA

    I recently lost weight and can’t wait to show off in black skinnies…unfortunately my J Brand jeggings are now too big!

  76. Canada

    I would love to win this pair of jeans. I am a newlywed and I have spent all my money on furniture, and necessities. So, I do not have the money to spend on clothes. I love to look and feel of J Brand denim. The J Brand Agnes look super chic and comfy. I hope I will be the winner. Thank you Singer 22 and DenimBlog.

  77. I should win because PETA will love me for having the look of a rockstar without actually being in leather. Plus leather wouldn’t be so kind in this Los Angeles heat. Third degree burns alert. Ouch! Sorry Balmain. Haha

  78. whats up J BRAND!!! well im a huge fan of this brand …and i think its the best of the bestest !!! i realy would love to win a pair …..i already posted one comment before ๐Ÿ˜‰ mmmm im feeling im gona be back for the third…!!! plz pick meee1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. USA

    I love J Brand jeans have have been lusting over photos of celebs in these forever. Thus, I am dying to win this contest!

  80. UK

    I think I should win because I really NEED the new ‘IT’ jean in my life!

    Super skinny & super hawt, if I could wear these with even half of the Rockstar vibe that Rihanna is giving off- I’d look pretty smokin’!

    J Brand brings the hotness AGAIN <3 YUM!!!

  81. OMG! Those jeans are to die for, I would love to win them as they will match most of my clothes. they totally reflect my style!!

  82. indonesia

    i heart that jeans!!
    and i think i should win that gorgeous jeans, because i think the jeans can help me to look great with my -so so- curve. beside it would make my look be more stunning with all simple clothes in my closet. a must have item!

  83. Hello, new mummy here! I just lost all my baby weight (38 lbs) and I’m looking to get my mojo back !! JBrand and DenimBlog, help me get my mojo back! When i wear these jeans, I will momentarily forget that I am usually covered in baby puke, maybe some poo, and a little pumped milk too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these pants, pick tha new mama!! xxxx

  84. Country of residence: U.S. City: NYC/NJ area

    I think I should win because even though the job market is bad in NYC and i’m not working I still want to look nice when I go to the supermarket and out for cheap drinks with the hubby lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like to look nice when I go to run errands it just makes me feel better and helps me to keep a little bit of confidence even though things are tough for me right now.

    These pants are amazing and just out of budget for me right now.

    Love your blog! I live vicariously through the celebs you post on and In my mind i’m a denim Diva.

  85. These jeans are super cool and I loved them since the first time that I saw them. I would love to win a pair of JBrand’s, my number one brand of jean. They always fit great and look cool. They would definitely complement my other jeans.

  86. Montreal, Canada

    J Brands are the best there is and these look gorgeous. Would love to win a pair as they are the newest, coolest jean on the market right now.

  87. I’m so in this! I own a pair of All Saints wet look jeans that I bought a few years ago.. sadly I’ve lost weight and they now hang around my ass, which is not so flattering. I haven’t had the heart to get rid of them yet, as I really love the look and am sort of hoping that something magical would happen and they would look good on me again, haha.. that’s probably not gonna happen though, so maybe a new similar – and even better looking pair – could help me out!

    Live in Helsinki, Finland.

    – Sara

  88. Oh, to own my own pair of J Brand black coated agnes jeans!!! I’d probably wear them everyday and wouldn’t be able to stop talking about them to everyone I meet.


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