Top 10 Men’s Fashion Week Looks

The runways of New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Japan are probably the places where they take risk. Now many designers aren’t just doing it for the women. Many of the men’s looks are are also just as slim, extravagant, and simple. Here are my top 10 men’s denim looks from Fashion Week.

10. Robert Geller Spring 2011: This collection along with the Dries Van Noten would probably have to be my favorite collections. I am such a fan of the long light-weight jackets that both collections had to offer. I also find the color palette of camels, greens, blues and grays to be amazing, mostly due to that is all my closet consists of. But still every piece was well tailored to give a relaxed feel.

9. Diesel Black Gold Spring 2011: I love the mono-chromatics of the greens and browns of this look. The looks from this collection mostly stuck to one color for each look. But this one has to be my favorite. The pieces are clean, but not too clean with the help of the distressing.

8. Robert Geller Spring 2011: The denim jacket is still a trend that is going strong for the men and this look just screams warmer weather for the men. I like that they paired the jacket with khaki shorts (which is also a trend right now) instead of a full length pant. The layering and styling also adds a cool boho feel to the look.

7. G-Star Raw Spring 2011: The desert was the inspiration for this collection. This look is great for just a night out. It is dressed up with the blazer, yet the look is kept fresh by using beige instead of the usual black and gray.

6. Simon Spurr Spring 2011: This is probably one of the most cleanest silhouettes that I chose. Everything is so well tailored that it doesn’t need much else. The clothes just speak for themselves.

5. Dries Van Noten Spring 2011: I wasn’t really a fan of the bleached trend until I saw this collection. A majority of the pieces were bleached and it also had the trend of the moment, denim jackets with trousers. I love how relaxed this look is from head to toe.

4. Dries Van Noten Spring 2011: This has to be my favorite look from this Dries collection. I love the tan panels that are on this jacket. They give a modern twist to the classic jacket. I also love the color palette, though there isn’t much.

3. Simon Spurr Spring 2011: I wouldn’t wear this look myself, but I do think it is the boldest. Not many designers would send a look down for the men in the color palette of Valentine’s Day, but it works here. I like that the risk was taken.

2. Robert Geller Spring 2011: The denim jacket with trousers is probably the biggest trend right now for the men. I just love the look of trousers paired with a denim jacket and having it be all black is a plus to me. I am a huge fan of the all black. I just love black clothing, I can’t get enough of it.

1. Robert Geller Spring 2011: This one has to be my favorite of them all. I would rock this look anytime during any season. I find the jacket to be perfect (I love that it is long) and the olive green is great too. I find that military green is a seasonless color, you can just through it over many pieces and it will look great. The jeans here are also just amazing. They have an amazing fit and a great wash. The only thing I could do without is the headband.


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