Nicky Hillton in Paige Premium

Nicky Hilton must love her Paige Premium Silverlake Shorts in Harlow. First she was spotted doing some shopping in Beverly Hills, California. Then she was spotted a couple of days later wearing them to get her hair done at the Byron & Tracey Salon. Which outfit do you prefer? I prefer the outfit shown above. I think the Chloe boots add a hipper, fresher vibe to the look. I think the other one looks a bit drab for me with the pairing of the loose black top with the black Balenciaga gladiators.

Did you readers know that Nicky designed jewelery? I never knew that. I actually think she has some great statement pieces in the line. You can see some of the pieces here. Click here to purchase these shorts at PaigeUSA for $158.


  1. seriously? No comment on how disgustingly skinny she is; its revolting and promoting eating disorders. Thanks Johnathan

  2. The Hilton sisters have always been that skinny, they have never ever been any bigger so nobody bothers to comment on their weight, it’s pointless really, I honestly think these girls are naturally skinny and tall.