Levi’s Global Community

Levi’s recently premiered their Curve ID line, which is aimed to provide fits that fit a woman’s curve and individual body type. As research for the line, Levi’s heavily researched and polled different women throughout the world. Now, they are taking it to the next step by launching a global community. The brand is attempting to connect women across the world with social media.

The global community, which launched October 18th in the US, UK, and Japan, allows women across the world to connect with Levi’s 20 brand ambassadors. Each of the Levi’s ambassadors is from a different walk of life and background, and will post blogs, videos and tweets on how they achieved their success. Users are also encouraged to create a profile, including their goals and aspirations.

The global director for Women’s marketing notes that the motivation behind this campaign is to appeal to the target audience of 25-29 year olds. As director Mary Alderet explains, “Today young women face more opportunity in their twenties than any other generation of women before them. It’s important we understand their mindset and their cultural and societal impact.” She hopes that the community will become, “a global platform of women coming together to share, inspire, grow and shape their lives.”

You can learn more and sign up for the community at ShapWhat’stocome.com

Article from Independent.com

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