Lacoste and Earnest Sewn Partner

Lacoste and Earnest Sewn partnered up and next March will be selling a collaborated brand in each stores. The brands created a co-branded line of denim which will be featured in both Earnest Sewn and Lacoste stores. The collection will also feature Lacoste polos sold in Earnest Sewn stores.

For Lacoste, CEO Steve Birkhold felt that the partnership was natural, “It’s a logical extension of our brands. We know that our customers wear jeans with their Lacoste polos and T-shirts.”

The denim collection will be based on current Earnest Sewn styles, with some stylistic alterations. The Lacoste alligator will appear near the pocket and an “Earnest Sewn Co. especially designed for Lacoste” label will be sewn inside. The styles for the co-brand will be based on Earnest Sewn’s current most popular washes. The men’s collection will feature two different styles, in four washes. The women’s collection will feature three fits, and seven washes. Both will also feature shorts.

The price point for the jeans, is slightly higher at $165-$195 and will be sold in both Earnest Sewn and Lacoste stores in the US.

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