Jessica Alba in Charley 5.0

Stars, they’re just like us! Jessica Alba spent her weekend stocking up on bulk items at Costco. Leaving the store, she was stopped by fans asking for photos, so I guess it’s a little different than my shopping trips!

Jessica looked chic in an all black outfit, topped off with a beret. She was wearing denim leggings by Charley 5.0. Jessica has worn Charley 5.0 denim leggings quite a few times before. You can purchase Charley 5.0 leggings at Boutique To You.


  1. Mrs. Alba looks great in this Fall outfit. We at Charley headquarters LOVE and agree with the ensemble…the only thing we’d change is the beret’…I think there was her chance to add a pop of color – or even print…let’s say a wild cat called Cheetah…xx

  2. Wow, that’s awesome…Charley 5.0 is on this blog? Love your leggins. Got 3 pairs already. I also love the idea of the cheetah print! I’ll try that myself. Keep up the amazing work.