Hilary Duff in J Brand Jeans

I’m starting to wonder if J Brand is sponsoring Hilary Duff’s Elixir book tour! She wore a tight pair of J Brand jeans, cuffed with boots and a floppy hat. She’s worn these J Brand’s before, while out shopping. I love how they look when they’re cuffed, how they’re darker on the inside!

Hilary’s book tour seems to be going well! She’s made the rounds, first appearing on the talk show circuit and book signings in New York and the east coast before making her way to Chicago. It seems like one person hasn’t read her book, her husband, Mike! Hilary explained,” Mike doesn’t read! Mike does not read; Mike watches hockey on TV, OK? I’m actually a little insulted by it. He’s on page five and says, ÔÇÿI’m trying!” You can buy J Brand Jeans at Singer22.

Images courtesy of Daniel Tanner/ WENN.com


  1. hey there! i think these are actually black orchids in thunder wash.
    i know hilary is a huge fan of their line!