Denim Review: Jessica Simpson Kiss Me Jeggings In Black Enzyme Rinse

This weeks review is on a brand that has just launched by a celebrity we all know and love at DenimBlog, Jessica Simpson. She recently added denim to her fantastic Jessica Simpson collection and I was really surprised by what I found when I tried them!

At first, I thought to myself, since these jeans don’t cost very much, they can’t be very good as I really only trust the premium denim brands to get it right, but… I was very wrong. I was incredibly taken aback by the fit of these denim leggings actually, they fit like a glove and they are very skinny all the way down to the ankle. I didn’t think the pocket placement on these jeans would be in the right place either, again thinking they were too cheap for anyone to care about that, but they are. They are in the perfect position to give your butt that lifted and rounded look that everyone loves to achieve. The rise is a medium rise and a very good height for a jegging in my opinion. I also love that the logo on the back pocket is very simple, it’s subtle and not over the top as you can see.

The wash on these jeggings I can’t say much about as it is just a pure black. It’s not the blackest wash I have ever seen but it is very dark and of course, like every black jeans I own, they are a hair magnet, haha. The good thing about this wash though is it literally goes with anything and these jeans are exceptionally comfortable, you could sleep in them if you wanted, they honestly are that comfy. I love how they feel against the skin, they are beautiful. The tags on these jeans are incredibly pretty too! They are very detailed and very cute. I know nobody cares about the tags but I personally love it when a brand makes an effort right down to things like the tags, the bags etc, it shows they care about their product.

I decided to style these jeans a little different to the clothes I normally wear which are quite girly, I thought I would opt for a more edgier look as I don’t often wear black jeans. I like excuses to try new styles!

Now combined with the price tag of these jeans being only $49! Yep, $49! and the great attention to detail the Jessica Simpson team have given to these jeans, I would say they are a win win and you should definitely own a pair! They look like they are cut for real women with curves and that’s fantastic! Buy these jeans online at the Jessica Simpson site for only… $49! I still can’t get over that price, seriously!

Jeans courtesy of Jessica Simpson Denim.


  1. Well now I’m sad. I was hoping these would be awful, but since they’re great I’m a little bummed–only offered in short and average lengths. 🙁

  2. I just bought the kiss me jeggjngs but they are pretty snug… Not sure whether to get a bigger pair…
    Can anyone tell me if they stretch?! And if so how much?!

  3. Are these true black in color? I saw them in Macy’s and was confused by the color names that are printed on the tags, because there is a dark blue denim material called “enzyme rinse” but a thinner fabric black pant called “black enzyme.” Both are Kiss Me jeggings. I want the black enzyme, but they did not have my size in store, so i want to get them online. However, every site that has them in stock calls them “black enyzme rinse.” Please help if you can, i spent $9.95 to ship them from the Macy’s website, only to find out the site’s pictures that i depended on were inaccurate. I got dark blue jeans instead of true black pants, so i had to return them and eat the shipping charge 🙁

  4. Hi Erin, if they were misrepresented, you should be able to get your shipping money back because the website is at fault? That’s how it usually works anyway. But these ones are definitely black, they were very black and definitely not blue. They are called Black Enzyme Rinse but I assume on the tag it says Black Enzyme to shorten it? But there are two pairs, the dark blue and black. But if they listed them as black when they aren’t, you should be entitled to your money back if you make a complaint with them 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for answering me so promptly! I did email a complaint to Macy’s about their inaccurate product pics and they are refunding the shipping charge 🙂
    With your reassurance on the color names, I just placed an order elsewhere. Hopefully i will be looking hardcore in my black jeans soon !

  6. You are welcome Erin 🙂 You should never have to suck up charges yourself when it’s not your fault, the companies should always honour refunds. I’m glad that worked out! Hopefully you get the correct pair this time!

  7. I just recently purchased the Kiss Me Jeggings (dark blue) & was very disappointed with the quality of the stitching. I have only washed it once & the stitching is actually coming out. I purchased it at the Lord & Taylor outlet store & didn’t intend to return it, so I didn’t hold on to the receipt. Does the Jessica Simpson clothing line have headquarters for customer relations? Thanks!

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