Denim Review: Citizens Of Humanity Avedon Black Wax Twill Jeans

This weeks review is on a pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedon skinny jeans in Black Wax Twill. I have always been fond of the waxed denim look and I wanted to give it a try with a brand that I know and like the fit of. I tried the Avedon jeggings many months ago in a dark blue wash and I was hooked on the fit! They fit amazingly and these are no exception.

The jeans have the perfect Avedon skinny jean fit that you are used to if you love Citizens of Humanity, they are skinny all the way down but not as skinny as an ankle peg jean and they have a bit of a longer inseam so it gives that stacking look that I am fond of on my jeans. The rise is the perfect height as well and the pockets are positioned in exactly the right place to give your butt that perfect shape that everyone loves in a jean. I was originally apprehensive about trying Citizens of Humanity jeans, mainly because I wasn’t too fond of the older washes and the back pocket logo is one I am also not too keen on, but have grown to like. I do prefer their signature pocket design to be the same colour as the wash of the jean so it’s not too in your face, so these are perfect for that.

I want to talk about the wash most importantly because I was very eager to try this waxed denim trend and I was hoping for a pair that were very shiny and give off that faux leather look, these unfortunately are not it. They don’t shine very much at all, they have more of a subtle waxed look about them rather than that shiny look that I originally wanted. Although they don’t meet my needs of being like faux leather, the wash however is a very nice black, it’s a black that looks really clean and crisp, one that looks amazing dressed up even if it is a major hair magnet because of the wax finish.

One thing I always thought was odd about waxed/faux leather style jeans was how much they give you that sausage leg look, I always assumed this reason was because they were being worn much too tight and the wearers had literally stuffed their legs into the jeans, but I found out that this was not the case. It seems that, because of the wax on the denim, they seem to give off that look and fit that way even when they are not too tight. The fabric doesn’t seem to bend and stretch as much as normal denim because of the coating, it seems to fit a little bit more awkward on the legs which creates the sausage leg illusion.

Overall though I do love the Avedon fit from Citizens of Humanity, I think it’s such a flattering and well fitting jean that is so versatile and perfect for any occasion. If you are looking for a very shiny waxed jean then I wouldn’t recommend this wash but I would suggest it if you are looking for a gorgeous, classic and clean black wash. Now I can’t wait to try more waxed denim in my search for something extra shiny! Buy these jeans at Donna Ida in the sale for only £95.

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Jeans courtesy of Donna Ida.


  1. Awesome. They really look amazing and fit you so well. Love citizen of humanity. I own a pair of Ava straight jeans. By the way, the shoes are amazing too.

  2. those are hot! I love the fit of citizens of humanity, they are one of my fave brands.
    added to my xmas list!

  3. Finally, I have been waiting for a review! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for interesting info. I actually think they look like leather, at least in the pics! I really thought that people were wearing waxed denim too tight, but it seems this is not the case! With my “shapley” legs, I think I will stick to my normal skinny black jeans. πŸ™ Again, thank you for charing your experience. I do love the whole outfit, it is edgy and feminin. Looking, as always, really hawt Lorna! xx

  4. I really like these! I agree though, I thought these would be a little shinier. I think the lighting in the photo shoots makes a big difference in how they look in pictures.

    I have the Rich & Skinny zip wax legging in the Slick Black wash, and they look a lot like this in terms of the finish. I expected a shinier, more fluid look, but like you, I was disappointed. Oh well, they are still a great black pant!

  5. Thank you everyone πŸ˜€ So the R&S ones are not that shiny either? I have them in mail at the moment. I definitely think it’s lighting as well, on Shopbop they looked like PVC they were that shiny!

  6. Too bad they’re not shiny enough πŸ™ I also have the Rich and Skinny Slick Wax jeans and they barely have a sheen, unless under bright lighting or flash, they don’t look shiny~ just a really deep black. Please find a pair that actually looks like leather under normal lighting!!

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