Denim Review: 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Slashed Knee Jeans In Shaia

This weeks review is on a brand of jeans that belong in my top 3, 7 For All Mankind! I’m very fond of this brand because of how amazing their fits are and the range of different washes they come out with. It’s a brand that’s definitely not afraid to experiment and I love that!

I have had these 7 For All Mankind Slashed Knee Gwenevere jeans in Shaia for a while now and I have been living in them. They are just so comfortable! They have 3% stretch and the denim is so soft, they actually almost feel like a jegging but a bit thicker. They have the perfect Gwenevere cut which is actually my favourite cut from the brand, it’s super skinny all the way to the ankle, the rise is the perfect height and they have the classic 7 For All Mankind signature pocket design. I definitely can’t fault the fit of these jeans! I get compliments on the Gwenevere fit quite often because of how flattering it is, it’s definitely a cut I would recommend for anyone wanting skinny jeans from the brand.

Lately, I have been falling for the medium/lighter washes more so than the darker ones, which is odd because I normally like the light washes for Summer and the darker ones for Winter, I think I have done it backwards this year! The wash has a grainy feel to it, it looks like it has mini dots all over it because of how it’s put on the denim, it actually looks like it’s been brushed on but it hasn’t. I love that it looks so different, it really gives it character and the rips in the knees I like a lot too, they make the jeans feel less boring, I’m definitely always up for giving different aesthetics to jeans to make them look different. Now since it’s getting colder, I need these jeans without the slashed knees so I can stay warm!

The photos do make these jeans look a bit darker than they actually are in real life, I would say the Revolve stock photos are quite close to their original wash. I definitely can’t fault anything about this pair either, I love everything about them! Buy these jeans in the sale at Revolve for only $129!

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Jeans courtesy of 7 For All Mankind.


  1. gorgeous…as always. I love your blog. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be a jeans designer yourself.

    I got an off topic question. I just got a pair of Charley 5.0. denim leggins. I remembered that you did a review on the ones with the bows. I was wondering how the sizing worked out for you. Did you get your regular denim size or did you size up/down. Is hard for you to get into them but once you wear them they fit perfectly?

    Your help would be very appreciated?

  2. Thank you Isabell 🙂 That’s my plan to eventually have my own brand 🙂

    As for the Charley leggings, I took my normal size and yep, you literally have to squeeze yourself in to them, they are tight but once you have them on they are pretty comfy and fit fine. Which ones did you buy?

  3. i bought the skinny mini leggings in black. I love them. they are so comfy…once I’m done forcing myself into them :).

    Awesome, I wish you all the best. Keep us updated on the progress…alright?