Denim And Shearling

Shearling (or sheepskin) is really hot right now. It’s a great way to still wear your denim jackets but actually stay warm at the same time. I wasn’t too sure on the way shearling looked against denim but now It’s grown on me and I can’t wait to wear this trend! For those of us who just can’t do real sheepskin, there are other options as a lot of places do faux sheepskin so it’s completely animal friendly! Topshop is a great example of that.

So how many of you love this trend and are going to be rocking it for Winter? I know I am! Since this trend is taking off, it’s not just on denim! It’s on a lot of leather jackets, boots and vests as well. It reminds me of an old flying jacket when I see it on the leather styles. I like it though!

What do you think of Shearling on denim?

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