David Archuleta in Waxed Jeans

David Archuleta was greeting some of his fans in New York after making an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. He was wearing the trend of the moment, a pair of waxed jeans. He opted for a pair in a brown color. I actually kind of like these, but the color palette of his outfit kind of makes me think of Halloween. I think he should have stuck to probably a white tee.

I think this is a trend where you have to keep everything else pretty muted when pairing it with a leather jacket. I think Elle Macpherson perfected the leather with wax denim look. Russel Brand was another man who was spotted wearing the trend. Out of these two men, who do you think wore it better?


  1. david looks amazing in that outfit!!! omg!!!! the jeans are cool but i think he looks super hot in the leather jacket 😀

  2. Ngl Russell brand pic made my eyes bleed. Hot, sexy David archuleta on the other hand made my heart pound!! I’ll take David thank you 🙂

  3. Waxed – I never heard of that. Ha – I wonder if anyone thought they were leather like they thought his shiny slacks one night on Idol were leather.

  4. David, of course. Who could think otherwise? That is why there are two big pics of him on the front page and Russell is hidden behind the cut, lol.

  5. Seriously? We are talking scary chicken skinny legs vs hot (young) man thighs.
    Not hard to figure out that it’s DAVID who wears the jeans better!

  6. Omgosh, are you kidding, David wears it better and that leather jacket and that hair OH and that freakin handsome face!! HOT!

    Russell is ugly, sorry Katy <<BUT ITS THE TRUTH!

  7. David looks great in this outfit. What’s wrong with looking like Halloween? It’s October…….nows the time. SSooooooo handsome. Good job on Live today. Good job on Wendy Williams show too. Hope he’ll get some more appearance invites.

  8. David has light hazel dreamy eyes which matches perfectly with the tee colour… All tones of brown, green, red are the best for him! And he has the perfect body to wear a leather jacket & waxed jeans… not to mention his drop dead gorgeous face!

  9. DAVID of course!! He looked so handsome in his fall colors. I loved the jacket and the jeans were perfection. David always looks great but this combination was the best.

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