5 Signs You Have Bad Fitting Jeans

I found this great article that was in Yahoo news and this is a quick summary of it.

We all know how hard it is to find that perfect pair of jeans and here are 5 signs that you have the wrong pair and the solution.

1. There’s bunching, wrinkles, or sagging in the crotch area. The solution? A lower-rise jean.

2. Your jeans are pulling and creasing in the crotch. The solution? Get some jeans with stretch or go up a size.

3. There’s a large gap in the back of your jeans. The solution? Try a lower rise jean.

4. Your jeans are creating a “muffin-top.” The solution? Go up a size in jeans or try a higher rise.

5. Your jeans are either hitting the top of your ankle or they’re dragging, even when you’re in heels. The solution? Try jeans that are sold by length or inseam.

To read the full article from Yahoo News click here.

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