Kate Moss in Balmain

I know these aren’t denim. But I couldn’t resist. The post has two of the greatest things in the fashion world, the best dressed woman in the world (given by not just me but many publications) and Balmain. How couldn’t I resist writing about it?

Kate Moss was seen back in London, England at Lemonia Restaurant. She was wearing a pair of khaki suede Balmain jeans. Yes, suede. She has been spotted wearing these before. I don’t know how she wore them the last time. I heard that it was boiling over the summer over in London. But I think the weather might have cooled down a bit. So these might be keeping her quite toasty now.


  1. Yep, the weather really was scorching this Summer! Which is normally unheard of but it was definitely hot hot hot! It’s been pretty much raining non stop now though so we are back to the old ways lol! 🙂