G-Star Raw Women’s Spring 2011

G-Star’s collection also had many great pieces for the women. They had a variety of shorts, jeans, jackets and jumpsuits. There was even an evening dress, which they call the “Kalahari Dress.” It has a raw denim bodice with a very voluminous free-flowing bottom. The tailoring was amazing, especially on the structured denim pieces like the vest and jackets. I also thought the washes were great. They had some really amazing worn-in light washes. Something that I don’t usually associate with them.

Overall, I think this collection is going to be a big hit. I see the shorts in particular being a big one, the jacket above looks like it will be a favorite as well. I can see it on celebrities such as Liv Tyler and Jessica Alba. I also really liked the styling. It looks like it was inspired by G-Star fan, Gwen Stefani. I can see her rocking many of these pieces, especially the parachute pants and their boyfriend jeans. You can check out the women’s denim looks below from the desert inspired G-Star Raw collection.