Siwy BT 4


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  1. thanks! I will try the 26″. I take a 25″ in the Frankie B cargos- so I should go with my regular 26″ size with these though? + I love the shoes and wanted to get them in a size 39.5 (red wine color) – I take a US 9 . do these fit true to size? what do you think? thanks!! 🙂

  2. I am a 28 in the FB cargos and these in a 28 fit me the same, I could size down in both if that helps. Where did you fine the red wine colour? And are they the Declic 90 because the different Declic heights run differently in sizing 🙂

  3. Well I’m going to try the 26″ and I can always return them for the 25″. 🙂
    I found them at a local store and they are the 90mm 🙂 So do you think a
    size 39.5 would fit a US 9?

  4. I think so, I’m from England so our shoe sizes are different. I’m a UK 6-7 which is a 39-40 and I took the 39.5 and they worked. Is there a way you could try them on? It’s hard to tell because I have quite slim feet, everyones feet are different shapes 🙂

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