Carey Mulligan in Textile Elizabeth and James

Michelle Williams Carey Mulligan was spotted doing some shopping in the West Village in New York. She can seriously pass off as Michelle Williams here. Is it just me or do you readers see it also? She was wearing head to toe look by Elizabeth and James. This is the first sighting of someone wearing only one brand. She put together an outfit consisting of a their men’s Elizabeth and James pocket printed sweater, the “Debbie” jeans from the Textile Elizabeth and James line and their “Cami” shoe. I actually think this outfit works well. I think it may have been that their is no big logo on the pieces. Everything is so subtle that it works. What do you readers think of Carey’s head to toe Elizabeth and James look?

I am a huge fan of the Textile jeans. They have come out with some great washes. Most recently the Wipeout wash, which is a great dark wash with some fading. Have you readers tried their jeans yet? Carey recently said that she would like to appear on Glee, but was told that she wasn’t famous enough. I think she is famous enough. How can she not be famous enough if she has been in many movies with A-list actors and an Oscar nomination? Would you like to see her in the hit show?