Wrangler Challenges You To STOP THINKING!

Wrangler have announced the launch of their brand new project, STOP THINKING! It’s a challenge for all of you to stop thinking and react for one adrenaline-fuelled day.

Wrangler challenges you to just stop thinking, forget your fears and worries! If you were asked to drop everything and just go… Could you? Would you?

In September 2010, the Wrangler brand will challenge four members of the UK public to stop thinking and do something extraordinary. For one adrenaline-fuelled day, hearts will pump faster, synapses will fizz with energy; every moment will crackle with raw emotion. Challenging our innate human fears of height, depth, speed and fear of the unknown, Wrangler will push participants to their limits through a series of top secret events!

Wrangler wants you to take part if you meet these requirements!

1. You will need a valid passport of your own.
2. You will need to be healthy enough to pass a basic medical (touch toes, cough three times).
3. You will need to drop everything at a moment’s notice (no consulting the diary).
4. You will need to stop thinking!

So are you ready to take part in this challenge? It’s only open to the UK so everyone in the UK get applying if you feel like doing something crazy!! You can take part by visiting the website by clicking here.