Vanessa Minnillo in Vintage 1

Vanessa Minnillo stopped by Starbucks in Hollywood to catch up with her girlfriends. She then made her way back to her car with a cup-full of ice tea in hand. Although we haven’t seen much of Vanessa recently, it looks like she’s the latest spokes model for AXE men’s hygiene products. As Vanessa explained, “ÔÇÿTrue beauty’ comes from within, but, guys, don’t kid yourselves, you will have no chance with the ladies if you don’t pay attention to all aspects of your game. This study proves what us girls have known forever – clean guys are sexy – and a great way to ensure you are clean is with AXE Shower Gel.”

Vanessa looked casual in a pair of light wash jeans, platforms and an over sized tee. Her jeans are Vintage 1 motorcycle jeans in Crashorama. I’m still lusting after Vanessa’s Alexander Wang bag! You can buy Vintage 1 jeans at Singer22 and Boutique To You.


  1. Oh terrible, Vanessa obviously doesn’t have a stylist and I can’t help but be reminded of Jessica when I see Vanessa attempt to dress. Many MANY of Vanessa’s outfits are Jessica-ish. Word around town is Vanessa calls her papparazzi pals to let them know when she will be out and where.
    You can always tell she knew they were coming, she will be all smiles and Nick will have a “WTF” look on his face. Dont know WHY these two are even relevant anymore.