Sandra Bullock in J Brand

I knew that the waxed trend is one that the celebrities will love. They just give so much edge to an outfit by mocking the look of leather and there is no other brand that does it better than J Brand. They started off with their 901 leggings and now they have moved to their 912 fit.

Sandra Bullock was spotted busting a move with Betty White at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. She was wearing the new J Brand 912 in Venom. I think these jeans look amazing, they look just like leather and I think many celebs will be spotted in them. I think Angelina Jolie specifically, she loves her leather and her J Brands. Sandra looks great here. She looks so fresh and young. Sandra never really ages, does she. She looks the same since as when she started. Buy these jeans here for $198.


  1. I agree she looks so good! And she is 40 something!!! I assume these jeans r not made of leather, right?

  2. They look absolutely amazing but are they even on the market yet? Will they also make them in 910s with this fabric if she’s already wearing 912s?

  3. Sandra always looks good. She has been wearing a lot of leather this season! Love the jeans! Tried to go look at them via the link and I guess it is dead or NM doesnt like it!