Rochelle Wiseman in Paige Premium

Rochelle Wiseman of the girl band The Saturdays, was seen arriving for a CD signing at London’s G-A-Y Club in England a little while ago. Rochelle really seems to be loving her Verdugo jeggings in Masai Grey by Paige Premium Denim. They look even cuter cuffed like that with ankle booties! She chose an outfit that’s colourless, the only thing with colour is her pretty red lipstick!

I actually really like outfits in an all black and white tone, I think the shades make the whole look definitely look a lot more interesting and bold. It proves you don’t always need colour. I have a pair of Verdugo jeggings in Stratus which is very similar to the Masai Grey colour. You can read my review on them by clicking here. If you love these jeans then you can click here to visit the Paige website and make a purchase!

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