Mary-Kate Olsen in Earnest Sewn

Yes! One of the Olsens is back in Los Angeles. I always thought their LA style was better than their New York style. The main reason was because they wore so much denim here. But also because they used to dress up more. Now it seems like you only spot them in trousers, leggings or dresses (Well… Ashley at least). If only Ashley came back and stayed back here for a bit.

At first glance I thought this was Lindsay Lohan, but it is not. Mary-Kate was spotted wearing a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans making her way through LAX Airport. I love these jeans and their ripped up pair that they wore a few years back. I think they are both such great washes. I heard Earnest Sewn is their brand of choice due to the custom alterations that they offer. No wonder why their jeans are such a great fit on them.


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