Denim Review: Marc Allison Denim Leggings

This weeks review is on a brand of jeans that is not so familiar at the moment, Marc Allison jeans. They recently launched last year and jumped straight on the jeggings bandwagon! I’m going to be reviewing a pair of their denim leggings in a dark blue wash.

The one thing that really surprised me when I got these jeans was the fit. I’m normally really skeptical about the fit of new brands as I normally leave it up to the experts to get it right, but, just because they are new doesn’t mean they haven’t focused on the fit is what I found out. I think the fit of these denim leggings is the best thing about them. They fit really snug all the way down and they are very skinny. Some denim leggings are baggy in the calf and around the knee area but these fit tight all the way down which is fantastic! They also didn’t forget about the back pockets! They really paid attention in making those very flattering on the butt. Their logo on the right back pocket is only small and quite pretty too, I like the uniqueness of it!

The wash is also very clean and very smooth, the blue is deep and it is even all throughout the jean with subtle lighter tones on the thighs. I think the wash is very pretty and I am glad I got this pair to review! The rise isn’t too high either, it’s in the range of being one of the perfect heights. The inseam is also a good length for me.

Marc Allison also have other styles as you have seen in some of their look books that we have posted on DenimBlog. I would definitely recommend trying out the brand if you haven’t yet. You will be surprised by how much attention they pay and effort that goes in to the making of their jeans! You can buy Marc Allison jeans on their website by clicking here.

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Jeans courtesy of Marc Allison.


  1. I really love the style of your boots, although boots that come up to the midcalf don’t look good on me. Where did you get them (if you don’t mind me asking), and do they do a pair that comes up to the knee?

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