David Beckham in Dior Homme

David Beckham was seen taking his sons to the park for a little soccer fun in Los Angeles, California. He was wearing his Dior Homme jeans again. These must be his favorite jeans. He has been spotted in them frequently lately. I like that Dior Homme jeans (mostly because of the name) are one of those jeans that you can wear to both events and just to hang out during the day.

I like David’s look here. It is very simple, but everything fits very well. I think as long as everything fits well, there is no need to spend a lot on clothes. I really like his belt. Do any of you readers know who it is by? The Beckhams have gradually started adopting the Southern California style over the past few years. Both David and Victoria seem to wear a lot of t-shirts now-a-days.


  1. I think his jeans have been hemmed as Dior homme jeans should have been much more longer than his, don’t you think so?