Custom Jeans By Loren Cronk Video

I came across this video on New York Magazine the other day. In the video it shows designer Loren Cronk making a pair of jeans. The former designer of Ralph Lauren and Levi’s, goes from choosing the fabric to the hardwear to making the tag. The video is very short, they cut down a three and a half hour bit down to roughly over two minutes.

Also in the video Loren chats about his inspirations, how he styles the jeans and the little detail he adds with the back pockets. He also shows that nothing goes to waste in his shop. He reuses scraps for the pocket lining of his custom jeans. You can check out Loren’s store for custom services or purchase the many pre-made pairs that he has to offer, as well as denim accessories at his Greenpoint store in Brooklyn, New York. If any of you readers are in the area give us some feedback on what you thought of the store.

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