Zac Efron Wears Denim In InStyle August 2010

Zac Efron did a new spread for the August 2010 issue of InStyle magazine. During the shoot he wore a Band of Outsiders denim jacket, vintage Levi’s and a Steven Alan chambray/denim shirt. I know Zac is one of the biggest denim fans, he loves the material and always wears it well. It’s weird seeing how much Zac has changed over the years, from when I first saw him in movies when he was really young to now, he’s around the same age as I am, as is Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, seeing them on TV as I’ve grown up, it makes me feel like I know them more than other celebs. Zac also answered a few questions for the fashion magazine, you can read a few snippets from the interview below. Click the gallery images as well to read the full interview.

On his fashion sense: “It’s a form of self-expression. Your clothes are the middle ground between who you are and what you want to show people. I never like to look sloppy, because as somebody in the public eye, I believe i owe it to fans to be presentable when I go out.”

On his five-year relationship with Vanessa: “It has helped me through quite a bit. There are myriad distractions to fall into in this business. To have someone to share with and to relate to is a very valuable gift.”

On his fans’ dedication: “I’m so appreciative of those fans’ dedication. That said, it can be quite funny when it’s actually happening. Once, in France, during a HSM promotion, people rocked the car so ard that it went over onto two wheels. I was inside with Vanessa and Ashley Tisdale, sliding back and forth like we were Jell-O, and we were dying laughing. It was like a scene in Jurassic Park where T. rexes flip over cars.”

Zac’s new movie, Charlie St. Cloud, hits the screens on Friday, July 30th. Are you going to watch it? I didn’t think I would like it much when I first read about the story, it didn’t seem like my kind of film, but after seeing the trailer I think I might like it! It does look like it’s going to be sad though!

Thank you to Zac Angels for the scans and JustJaredJr for the interview text!


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