Zac Efron in Levi’s

Zac Efron was playing some baseball with a group of guys at the Dan Perez Baseball Camp at Murphey Candler Baseball Park in Atlanta, Georgia a few days ago. Zac seems like he is an all round sports guy! He likes to keep active. He was wearing a pair of Levi’s 511 jeans in Eco Blue Flame for the game. He also stopped to sign loads of autographs for his young and adoring fans. Zac’s really appreciative of his fans!

Zac has been doing a lot of promotion recently for his new movie The Death and life of Charlie St Cloud. He really enjoyed working along side Amanda Crew and he generally seems like a down to earth guy. I am really suprised him and Vanessa have been together for 5 years as well, I never knew it was that long! They must have a really strong relationship and that’s amazing to find in the entertainment industry, especially at such a young and vulnerable age. I hope they stay together forever, they seem like the perfect couple! Being mature and keeping grounded is the best thing. Not having people influence you and being really strong minded, I’m sure they will last, they both are very mature. Buy these jeans at Levi’s for $69.50.


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