Zac Efron in a Denim Shirt

Zac Efron was spotted making his way through JFK Airport in New York. Zac was in New York to promote his new movie Charlie St. Cloud. He was wearing a denim shirt that he dressed up by pairing it with a tie and a pair of trousers. I like that the men are showing the versatility of the denim shirt. It is not just for the streets anymore. Many of them are dressing it up and wearing it to events now. I am still lusting over the way Burberry did it. They dressed them up the best at their Men’s Fall 2010 show.

I think this look is good overall. But I can’t say that I am a fan of the denim shirt individually. I really dislike the sheen of it. It also looks like his slip-ons have a a sheen to them too. It is just too much shine for one outfit, in my opinion. What’s your opinion on his outfit?


  1.’s an alrught outfit, but maybe if the pants were grey or the shoes were not so dark it’d be a little better

  2. I agree with Chris. All the black needs broken up. Either way, this is a good example of how the denim shirt can be dressed up. A denim shirt without any accessories can even be worn with a business formal suit and tie when done right so this type of versatility has only made the denim shirt more popular.