What Were They Thinking: Facetasm

I recently came across a post about these jeans on the Huffington Post. They are a pair of jeans by the Japanese brand Facetasm. I find these jeans to be wrong on all counts. Yeah I understand the whole “we need to take more fashion risks.” But is this really a style that anyone is going to wear? I think even the “Queen” of crazy fashion at the moment herself Lady Gaga wouldn’t even be caught in these. But then again she might… you never know with Gaga. She may turn in the underwear and fishnets for denim one day.

I just find the proportions to be all wrong, which is obvious. You just don’t design a pair of half-and-half jeans (skinny being one half and the other being a boyfriend fit). It is just not a good look. The belts on the waistband I also find to be a problem and the crotch is just so unbelievable that I have nothing to say. But… I am going to leave this post on a positive note. I really like the wash of these, I think the fading and whiskering is amazing. They look very well-aged to me. What do you readers think of them?