Teen Vogue “Declare Your Denim” Event

Okay before I tell you all about this event, don’t these two women above look like they are ten feet tall?! Maybe it’s the shoes or the angle of the pictures, I don’t know but I wish my full length pictures turned out that nice!

Teen Vogue Editor in Chief Amy Astley and actress Shailene Woodley were at the Teen Vogue “Declare Your Denim” event at Military Island, Times Square. They also cut a cool looking denim ribbon pictured in the gallery below. To celebrate the success of the August denim issue and help those affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill, Teen Vogue held an event in Times Square that was filled with fun, fashion and a lot of denim. Cosponsor, Fashion Delivers, was in attendance collecting denim that is to be donated to the victims of the oil spill.

Images Courtesy of Wireimage

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