Robert Pattinson in Levi’s

Taking a break from filming his new movie Water For Elephants. Robert Pattinson was spotted out and about in Malibu, California over the weekend. He was wearing the Levi’s Trucker jacket for the day out. I like that he opted for a dark washed jacket. We usually only spot medium to light washed jackets on celebs.

Robert looks like he is not having it in these pictures. It must be really irritating trying to have quiet time when you are always being followed. Have you readers seen Rob’s movie Remember Me? I’ve always wanted to watch it but never got to it. It looks very interesting to me. Does anyone recommend the movie?


  1. I recommend it. Remember me is a truly lovely movie and better yet it’s one of those movies that get better the more u watch it.

  2. Remember Me is so so good. I was worried about it with how cheesy the twilight acting is at times, but it’s amazing.

  3. remember me was a very good film…. it was interesting to see how each character had evolved. it almost made me weep at the ned

  4. remember me was really good.. it was a really moving and rly sad story.. it made me like cry in the end and yeah.. just a movie that makes you realize evertyhing..

  5. Remember Me was a movie the critics panned and idiots believed them. Those of us who saw it were captivated by the actors and the entire way the story unfolded. I think you need to see it for yourself and watch how all the talent blends into this story.. I loved it an am glad I bought the DVD so I can watch as many times as I like.

  6. remember me was great. i definitely recommend it. the critics trashed it just because robert pattinson is “the guy from twilight” but the dude can actually act, he was great and so was pierce brosnan. great performances. captivating- and with a twist ending. the soundtrack for remember me is amazing also.

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